Veloci Bracket GPU vertical bracket

3,000.00 2,500.00

*if your display cable pass through grooves no cutting required

**You need to cut case groove to mount this bracket



This bracket can help you to make the graphics stand in a standing position, in a better looking form in the chassis.
Note: After the video card is standing, an extension cable of the video card is required to connect to the motherboard. VelociRiser x16 Riser cables is perfect for this Need to be purchased separately.

In addition graphics card with extension cord, there will be a certain line loss. According to previous tests, the line loss is about 5%-10%.
The bracket has certain requirements for the chassis. This bracket requires that the graphics card slot of the chassis is hollow, if your display cables can’t pass from case grooves and the metal of the chassis graphics slot is not hollow, you need to DIY some cutting to put it into the bracket.

Additional information

Bracket Color

Black, Red


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