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Importatnt: To use the color customizer, simply select the following options and then click on “Build your own” Button to open configuration menu.
5-6 Days Order Making Time.


24 pin Motherboard PC Extension [Pro-Mesh Plus Series]

Custom made 24 Pin Pro-Mesh Plus Series Extension from Raptor Mods is made of high quality products and are 100% customizable

If you have chosen any colors that are not available we will contact you with further information.

This is a motherboard extension. Only for motherboard. One of our Custom extensions.

How to order your custom extension

1) First you will need to find the correct length of the extension, you can find that by measuring the pathway of where the extension will go. Here is some predone measurings for some cases : (NZXT H440: 20CM)

2) Secondly you will need to find your correct color scheme

3) Step number three is to decide if you want rounded cable or straight cable. Round cable basically means that your cable curve naturally. This makes your cable look good when it curves. Straight cable is a normal straight cable

4) Now you will need to decide if you want to use cable combs or not. Cable combs makes your cable look even better by managing them easier

5) Last and the easiest to answer is to write down your motherboard model and brand. This makes our job easier to complete.


What are Pro-Mesh extensions?

Our Pro-Mesh extensions are one of the best quality sleeved extensions available. We use high quality 3mm sleeving, connectors and 18awg wire.

What is difference Pro-Mesh and Pro-Mesh Plus Series extensions?

Pro-Mesh (Standard)

  • 18-20awg wire
  • Standard 3mm Nylon Sleevings
  • Standard Metal Crimp Terminals

Pro-Mesh Plus Series (Premium)

  • 16-18awg wire
  • Thick 4mm Nylon Sleevings for Awesome look and feel
  • Half Gold Plated Metal Crimp Terminals

Additional information


30cm (default), 20cm

Cable Combs

No Combs, Cable Combs 3Pcs – Black, Cable Combs 3Pcs – Clear, Cable Combs 3Pcs – White

Connector Color

Black, White

8 reviews for 24 PIN MOTHERBOARD PC EXTENSION [Plus]

  1. Shahzeb Nasir (verified owner)

    These are the perfect cables to make a build just that much more personal and good looking. The cables are of an excellent quality and are absolutely gorgeous if you can coordinate your color scheme correctly.

  2. Rehman

    Initially, I was looking to import the cable mods extension then a friend of mine let me know about the Raptormods. I ordered custom cables with the colors of my own choice. I had many questions which the outstanding customer support answered very professionally. moreover i wanted to know if my cables come pretested as i didn’t want to shortcircuit that expensive hardware that i just bought, for this Raptormods pretest the cable before they dispatch. I received the product in a generic white box (you guys should change it) and I was amazed to see the quality sleeved cables at a very reasonable price. I would recommend buying these cables as aesthetics are now a big thing with all those tempered glass cases to showcase your rig. There are some cons though which is not related to the product itself but it’s about the website. The website is not that responsive it takes time to load. I suggest that there should be the option to choose the length of the extension (apart from the regular ones), types of combs.

  3. Ammad Ali (verified owner)

    100% satisfied. Beautifully built, these cables make my rig look a lot more cleaner and aesthetic.

  4. Sunny Tariq (verified owner)

    Probably the best decision I’ve made lately in terms of revamping PC’s looks. Superb quality with superb looks. 100% recommended.

  5. Irtaza Ali (verified owner)

    Fully satisfied, great quality and having the ability to configure the cable is just outstanding. Made my rig a lot cleaner. 100% recommended.

  6. abdullah.inam (verified owner)

    order a bundle of main cables and man i am much happier when i get my hands on them . i m sure when use them in my rig its gonna give me much sleek look ….. 🙂

  7. M Ali Sheikh (verified owner)

    Premium Cables, Fast Delivery. Looks Dope in my Build. Sleek and Clean

  8. arzaan ul.mairaj (verified owner)

    Ordered these custom cables a few days a go, and i absolutely love them the quality is so awesome. im glad we have our very own cable mod guy in pakistan 😀
    Absolutely would recommend.
    One of my cable combs got broken in shipping, i told this to raptormods and got sent extra cable combs free of cost so great customer service too

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